Wednesday, July 30, 2014

This Last Month...

This last month has gone by so fast.

We've had my step-kids for the last 47 days and they've gone back to the middle of no-where to their psycho mother.

It never feels like enough time and I miss having them around already.

4th of July kind of struck a chord on me. My hubby's son (also the oldest at 13) had all the younger boys in the neighborhood following him around chunking m-80's in the street. Later he told hubby and my sis-in-law how he would love to have a little brother since he only has little sisters.  :(

On a brighter note, Hubby is in the union and just got insurance, which covers infertility treatments!!!! YEAH!!!

Sooo... I'm looking for houses and trying to get us the little boost we need to start dropping money on my belly getting huge. MrBoomer has procrastination problems so it's kinda all on me. No worries though, I don't really mind.

I'm toying with the idea of vlogging while I go through the whole IVF process from consultation until I poop a baby out. I might have to travel about 3 hours to get to a clinic though because I haven't found a Natural Cycle IVF offered here in Houston, but I LOVE Austin anyway and have friends out there who support us.

Cross your fingers for this house hunting lady.