Thursday, March 12, 2015

Fear and Happiness Go Hand in Hand

 We officially announced on Facebook that we are going to a fertility clinic and while I fully expected to have people questioning or trying to give (un)helpful advice, everyone was just extremely supportive. Saying "infertility" seems to be becoming less and less of a dirty word. I'm not ashamed anymore to talk about it openly.

We set our consultation appointment for April 14th in San Antonio which is a month away and a month earlier than we had planned!!! It's impossible for me to explain how excited I am. I know this will work! All this time it never felt real to me, I thought for sure we would just procrastinate or find some excuse not to follow through but gosh darn I WILL BE A MOTHER! :)

I'm wondering if anyone else felt an initial relief by just setting the appointment? I don't think DH is as affected as I am by setting the date but I haven't really seen him much because of our conflicting schedules. We're taking that day to go to the clinic and after maybe check out the Alamo or take a boat on the Riverwalk and spend a whole day together FINALLY. Does anyone have advice on the questions I should ask? I have a whole list but more would be appreciated.


  1. Good luck at your appointment! I've been thinking about "coming out" on Facebook in April for infertility awareness day. I'm "out" to my closest friends and coworkers but I just that I need to advocate :)

  2. I know finally opening up is scary. There's no telling how people are going to react and the internet can be such a cruel place, but I feel more and more people are understanding that we just need support and kind words.
    I didn't know there was an infertility awareness day! Good luck!