Thursday, March 19, 2015

Trading Addictions

I quit smoking about 3 weeks ago. YAY! right? Unfortunately I've been functioning solely on red bulls and rockstars..... Yikes!

This date is is hovering ever closer and I'm so ready but I don't want to do these test and have something else come up. I've read other blogs of women who have scarring in their uterus and since I had scarring in my tubes (which caused me to lose both with ectopic pregnancies) I feel like this may end up being a problem.

I always just want to think, "But I'm young! Nothing should be wrong!", still these doubts seem to linger just like a bully pointing and laughing at my misery... I will have the last laugh.

If you caught me about a year ago I would still be blaming God. I walked off His path for a really long time, wondering how he could take my precious children from me before I could even hold them. But He is making me stronger and still always shaping me to really appreciate my future child, to always have hope that he will provide.

On a side note, midterms are this week and I'm trading awesome wonderful lovely sleep for study time. I haven't seen hubby in about 3days since I've been working odd hours. All will turn out well, I just know it!

I should probably go shopping now. I've been sitting in the parking lot writing this. And I also just realized how bad my ADHD is showing in this post! Have a great weekend guys!

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