Wednesday, April 29, 2015

How Hard Are You Willing to Fight?

I'm pretty sure Murphy's Law was based on my life.

We have been making these plans to take care of the financial part of IVF and focusing everything on it. Friday my car dropped its speed while I was on the highway and wouldn't rise above 60 mph. Then, Monday, when the three kids I nanny are in my car, it decides to shut completely off.

So now its in the shop and i don't have much hope for it. I'm in an overpriced rental because I'm three years younger than they would like to have me. Lets just say, money is so tight, it's looking like IVF is near impossible.

But, nothing is impossible.

I just finished reading a post that made me realize what this is:

First, nothing is impossible through God
Second, He wants to make sure I don't want a baby more than I want Him.
Third, how hard am I willing to fight?

And let me just say, at certain times I feel completely drained and weak, but I think of what has been done for me through Christ and I absolutely KNOW I can do this! He gives me the strength I need. Money may seem like an issue but I just need to have faith that He will always provide what is needed

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