Tuesday, April 14, 2015

One Small Step for Infertility, A Huge Leap Towards Baby Boomer

Today was consultation day and I'm feeling just a bit overwhelmed, okay, a lot overwhelmed...
A couple of things talked about was the possible use of ICSI instead of insemination and PGS. Both of these these weird me out to the max. Just thinking about someone poking into my eggs or embryos is scaring the baJesus out of me.
Looking at different success rates on paper is all Mr. Boomer needed to see to be down but, and a HUGE but, I'm terrified. All the what-if's are just now hitting me. I just believed that trying this would be no biggie and we'd probably get pregnant right away. I liked that little world much better than what-if.

Now, for the good news, I have a lots of BIG BEAUTIFUL FOLLICLES! I could not smile bigger if I tried! These babies are just ready to be fertilized....

So today was a good day with lots of information (including crazy prices) and I'm so ready to meet my Baby Boomer!!!!

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